Wendy’s Crystal Ball

Do you dream of knowing your future?

Are you in need of spiritual guidance?

Have you considered a spiritual medium as a solution to your current existential crisis?

60 minutes ($100) and 30 minuteS ($200) appointments AVAILABLE!

Wendy Angels Medium/Cartomancer/Astrologer/Numerologist

Bookings available via WendyAngels@hotmail.com

Note: Wendy’s services are offered exclusively online.

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Hear what other people are saying:

I knew right away that Wendy was a spiritual, patient and loving person, willing to understand my story and apply her gift with cartomancy, tarot and mediumship to my life. Thanks Wendy!”

I had a lot of fun. I believe the universe is connected and that everything happens for a profound reason, and unfolds in its due time. I feel like I met Wendy at that perfect moment in my life, where I was receptive to new understandings and intuitive information that I felt really helped me.”

Numerology, Astrology, Clairvoyance, Cartomancy, Tarot, you name it. Wendy has the gift, and has applied herself to understand the matters of the soul. I remain eternally grateful for my sessions with Wendy!”

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What mediumship can do for you:

→ Provide insight into murky life problems

→ Excite your curiosity about new possibilities in your career

→ Resolve interpersonal woes and dilemmas

→ Delineate solutions to occupational matters

→ Help you understand your place in the universe and your passion

→ Stoke a sense of well-being

→ Help kickstart the beginning of self-help and personal development

→ Gather information about loved ones, friends and other mysteries

→ Relationship advice

→ Point you in the right direction in a given existential crisis

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